The National Work Dark “Christmas Magic” for ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 12.23.14 in News

There’s a blue Christmas, and then there’s Christmas with the National. The holiday episode of Bob’s Burgers included a ridiculously depressive song called “Christmas Magic,” and the Trouble Will Find Me bards of regal mope have recorded their own wonderfully straight-faced cover. Better yet, they’ve been drawn up and brought to life as ornaments on the animated TV family’s Christmas tree in the video below (via Vulture). It isn’t the first meeting between the two artistic ventures: The National also did a cartoon music video for the Belcher clan’s 2013 Thanksgiving, and St. Vincent has also participated in the show’s “Bob’s Buskers” music series. “All the cold, hungry people are dying in the streets,” the elf ornament intones, “but me and my family, we’ll be warm tonight / We’ll be warm tonight / Warmer than those people.” It’s well worth watching for fans of either the band or the show (or both!), and you can share the tidings of comfort and joy below.