The Decemberists Summon Honeydew for “Lake Song”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 12.02.14 in News

The Decemberists know what month it is, and whose. Colin Meloy and company’s sixth album, 2011′s The King Is Dead, was the satisfied product of a band that sounded like it had realized its strengths: tuneful, wordy, jingle-jangling poignance. The two tracks shared so far from the upcoming follow-up, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World (with a January 20 U.S. release date via Capitol), again suggest a band that’s, how do you say, comfortable in its own epidermis.

The latest is “Lake Song,” which pairs organic, piano-centered warmth reminiscent of Nick Drake’s “Northern Sky” with Meloy’s thoughtful, Morrissey-descended lyricism; “The sun burned through / Sweet as honeydew,” he sings, in a particularly evocative turn of phrase. The song, which the band has previously played live, follows the similarly relaxed, confident “Make You Better,” which recently received a video co-starring Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman. Tattered, tethered, sibylline, these are the Decemberists, and they wear their well-established traits far more gracefully than Offerman’s hilarious awful accent in the video.

Watch the band hit the studio in the lyric video for “Lake Song” below.