The Dead Weather Share New “Buzzkill(er)” Single

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.29.14 in News

The Dead Weather have decided to give last summer’s exclusive Third Man Vault single a digital release and share its A-side in full via YouTube. The guitar-guided barroom blitz of “Buzzkill(er)” b/w “It’s Just Too Bad” can be sampled below; a new Dead Weather album — their first since 2010’s Sea of Cowards — is expected sometime next year.

“Our things pick their place for us,” singer/multi-instrumentalist Jack White explained in a Rolling Stone interview last year. “We don’t really sit down and pick them. They pick our place for us. Like, the Kills make a record or Queens of the Stone Age makes a record, I make a record, and it all falls into place, you know? Like, we didn’t know we were going to do two Dead Weather records in a row. We didn’t have any plan at all. We were just going to record a seven-inch, and it keeps going, and we make two albums’ worth of material. We try not to tell it what to do. We let it tell us what to do.”