Taylor Swift Reveals New Pop Album, “Shake It Off” Single

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.18.14 in News

Taylor Swift announced her “most sonically cohesive album” to date today during a Yahoo! Screen live stream. Entitled 1989 and due out October 27, the decidedly pop effort (sorry, country fans!) was inspired by “bright colors, bold chances [and] rebellion” from the year Swift was born. (Guess she just missed the cutoff of being a ’90s baby.)

To hammer that point home, Swift has revealed the record’s lead single “Shake It Off,” a tribute to break dancers and ballerinas that brings new meaning to the Weird Al-trademarked term white and nerdy. Just remember kids — haters are always gonna hate.

Have a look at its official video beneath the cover art below, and if you feel like braving Swift’s unstable Web site — it basically crashed the second she announced everything — there’ll be a pre-order package or two up there any minute now…

Taylor Swift - '1989' album cover