Taylor Swift Owes a Lot of Canadians $1.29 for “Track 3″

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.22.14 in News

What a glitch in the system. On Tuesday morning, a mysterious Taylor Swift track appeared on the Canadian version of iTunes with the concise title “Track 3.” It quickly rose to the top of the iTunes chart in Canada and was still there as of this morning according to the National Post.

The catch?

“Track 3″ is a simple eight seconds of static.

And according to Business Insider, those eight seconds cost every single buyer approximately $1.29 to download.

The error has already kicked off a whole round of jokes. Emily Yoshida “praised” Swift for her new minimalist sensibilities over on Grantland and “Don DeLillo,” the acclaimed author of White Noise, “reviewed” the track for The Atlantic.

So what does this all mean? Well, for starters, in a year where a single album has yet to go platinum, it would probably be a safe bet to say that 1989 will break the streak. As to whether or not those poor Canadians will get their money back? We’re all still waiting to see if Apple will cough up a reimbursement.

In the meantime, you can listen to “Track 3″ below: