Talib Kweli, Killer Mike Discuss Ferguson Aftermath on CNN

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.21.14 in News

Tempers continue to flare in Ferguson, Missouri as the national media struggles to provide fair and balanced coverage of the ongoing battle between police and protesters in the wake of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting on August 9. A couple recent CNN interviews reinforced just how divided the country has become on the matter, with Killer Mike taking the finer points of his Billboard op-ed on-air and Talib Kweli getting into a heated discussion with anchor Don Lemon over the way CNN has portrayed the local community. The former’s interview with Brooke Baldwin is especially compelling, as Killer Mike — the son of a policeman himself — explains why he’s “afraid for all Americans” over the apathy we have about “policing the people we pay to protect and serve us” and discusses the way African American men are often misperceived in the media. (As an example, he explains how the name Killer Mike is a reference to killing mics, not people.)

Watch both interviews down below; T.I. also dropped a protest song with Skylar Grey yesterday called “New National Anthem.” Its hook? “Home of the brave and free/ Free just to murder me/ Land of the beautiful/ Cursed by the hate we throw”…