Photo By Tanja Sachichnich.

Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find: Total Heels

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 03.28.14 in News

Total Heels, a band from Copenhagen made up of three Danes and one American, have just unleashed their new 7” EP Barb Wire — four tracks of tough and angular punk rock. Like their previous two singles, it’s self-released and extremely limited.

The title track is characterized by sharp guitar hooks, executed swiftly over a layer of richly-detailed synths. Frontman Jason Orlorvich delivers his lyrics in impassioned shouts, sounding like a preacher with his wide-eyed, spoken-word delivery. “Night Rush” combines smoldering guitars with buzzing waves of synth, making for a boogie-worthy garage romp.