Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find: Natural Child

Zac Camanga

By Zac Camanga

on 03.14.14 in News

[Zac Camanga writes the excellent blog Styrofoam Drone. Every week, we ask him to rave about something he’s discovered for our Friday Find. — Ed.]

Natural Child just broke out with Dancin’ With Wolves, the Nashville trio’s fourth full-length, and their third for Burger Records since 2011. The LP is made up of 10 campfire cowboy songs with a bluesy swagger, led by Wes Taylor’s honest vocal delivery.

“Firewater Liquor” is a punk-inflected burner, with a driving bass hook and streaks of jazzy organs, decorated by a wave of warbled guitars. There’s a progressive psychedelic flare within that hits with a swift, invigorating punch. It’s a one-of-a-kind track that combines moody blues with this relentless psych-fueled energy.

“Rounder” is a late-LP highlight, built with a smoky sing-along chorus and steel guitar twangs. It’s true to their Nashville country roots and all about the nomadic life of a cowboy. At this point it’s easy to expect Natural Child to get better with each new record and Dancin’ with Wolves only continues the pattern.