Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find: Makeouts

Zac Camanga

By Zac Camanga

on 03.07.14 in News

Zac Camanga writes the excellent blog Styrofoam Drone. Every week, we ask him to rave about something he’s discovered for our Friday Find.

The Makeouts, who hail from Stockholm, Sweden, have just released their sophomore effort for the Austrian label Bachelor Records, after a promising 2010 debut. It’s already generating attention, at least locally: Back to Sleep, a veritable grab-bag of gritty and frantic garage, was nominated in the Rock category of Sweden’s stellar Manifest music award (though it lost to MF/MB’s Colossus).

It’s no wonder: Back to Sleep’s gang of guitars hits hard, heavy and often, tempering its upbeat pop impulse with can-opening crunch. The results range from punk stompers (“Up”) to evil, blues-derived dirges (“Back to Sleep”). Opening track “Hamburger Hill” starts the party in fine form, leading with trashy guitars and a rambunctious attitude.

“Time Will Tell” is full of ecstatic, pop-punk zeal and fist-in-air chants, blown wide open by a jagged guitar solo and backed by an explosive rhythm; it’s a rousing affair. Jacob Makeout’s voice is sharp throughout, cutting through wall of guitars with his grainy snarl. The album radiates contagious energy, delivering a bracing sound informed by a slew of influences.