Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find: Ex-Cult

Zac Camanga

By Zac Camanga

on 05.30.14 in News

Midnight Passenger is the sophomore LP from Ex-Cult, and their second full-length for Goner Records. They build on their own catastrophic sound, delivering 10 brutal psych-stained punk assaults.

“Confusion Hill” is a murky instrumental burner, led by ragged guitars and a throbbing bass. “Flickering Eyes” is an explosive anthem, spearheaded by vocalist Chris Shaw, who fumes like a madman. “Sid Visions” unfolds slowly then takes a sharp left turn, morphing into a turbulent affair driven by scratching guitars and an angular rhythm. “Not a Threat” goes for the throat, full of sharp shocks of guitar and crashing percussion.