Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find: Broncho

Zac Camanga

By Zac Camanga

on 05.02.14 in News

Can’t Get Past the Lips is the debut LP from Tulsa, OK four-piece BRONCHO. CQ Records and Guestroom Records Records released the album together back in 2011, and it’s packed with 10 crushing anthems about fights, girlfriends and record stores. The band has a rowdy, effortless sound, falling somewhere between punk, pop and grunge.

Vocalist and guitarist Ryan Lindsey has a distinctly dreary voice, and it’s backed by fuzzy guitar hooks, slinky bass lines and tight drumming. All 10 songs sound impeccably moody, evidenced in “Try Me Out Sometime,” “Record Store” or “Psychiatrist.”

Album opener “Pick a Fight” sets the tone right away, starting with a gritty buzz that sustains through the entire record. “Blown Fuse” is full of fist-in-air chanting and smoldering guitars, a rough-and-tumble approach to anthemic punk rock. “Losers” sports a dazzling guitar hook, which sounds bright and wiry against a scrappy drum beat.

Once Can’t Get Past the Lips gets you going, you can’t slow down. The band is currently wrapping up a string of west coast tour dates before hitting the studio again for album number two.