No Bails (Photo From No Bails' Facebook Page)

Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find: No Bails

Zac Camanga

By Zac Camanga

on 05.23.14 in News

The first official full length for Pelican Pow Wow Records is the debut LP from No Bails. They’re a snotty punk band from Kalamazoo, MI, who load their songs with copious amounts of grimy guitar scuzz.

Epyx Shredder follows their first 7″ for Orgone Toilet and continues their run of filthy punk rock. They keep the pedal to the metal throughout the 12 tracks, cresting with the searing wave of fuzz in “These Fucking Roads.” It’s a staggering track fueled by bouts of guitar fury and relentless aggression.

“Party Fail” is built around rabid snarls of guitar and is ravaged by a stampede of percussion and raspy vocals. From instrumental guitar onslaughts to fist-in-air chanting their album has it all.