Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find: Advlts

Zac Camanga

By Zac Camanga

on 05.09.14 in News

The four members of Maryland punk band Advlts grew up shredding in various Baltimore bands throughout the ’90s. They began as a joke, when they reunited to cover punk songs for friends, but then started practicing and playing shows, which led to their debut record.

Southpaw Records just released their new EP, which crams six smoking tracks onto 7-inch wax. The songs are comprised of fried guitars, pummeling percussion and belligerent vocals, all stuffed into an average track length of about a minute. They create blunt and jagged punk nuggets, then bury them with ravaging hooks and ear-shattering noise.

“Raw Nerves” is built around an off-center hook covered by a fiery guitar racket. The guitars sound sharp and aggressive, creating an explosive ball of manic punk-rock fury that knocks you on your ass. They continue their rampage through five more smoldering tracks, closing out their single with barely seven minutes of raw punk action.