Stream It This Weekend: ‘A Band Called Death’

Ami Armstrong

By Ami Armstrong

on 10.30.14 in News

Every week, Wondering Sound contributor Ami Armstrong recommends a music film available to stream.

Brothers David, Bobby and Dannis Hackney grew up in Detroit during the heyday of Motown. After seeing the Beatles on TV, they wanted to learn to play and write music of their own. Their desire to create “pure rock,” influenced by the Who, Queen and Jimi Hendrix, resulted in an amalgam of, soul, funk, noise and angst — punk before punk had a name.

They shopped the album they’d recorded, but had trouble generating label interest. They were likely too far ahead of their time, and the name they’d chosen, Death, made marketing a challenge. But David Hackney believed that the name, concept and purpose were inextricably linked and could not be changed.

The group’s recordings were stored in an attic for more than 30 years, but David always believed the world would hear their music. A Band Called Death, released last year and co-directed by Mark Covino and Jeff Howlett, tells the story of how his belief came true and it unfolds in a remarkable way.

Watch A Band Called Death this weekend on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Check out the trailer for A Band Called Death below: