Stream Sweet Apple’s New Album, Featuring J. Mascis, Mark Lanegan and Robert Pollard

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.07.14 in News

“I don’t even know what songs I’m on or anything,” J Mascis told Rolling Stone after being asked about The Golden Age of Glitter, his second album with the power-pop project Sweet Apple.

It’s always hard to tell when the Dinosaur Jr. frontman is kidding, but in this case he’s half right. Since the quartet is based in separate cities, frontman John Petkovic probably pieced the final product together. “If I lived close to them, maybe I’d say, ‘Fuck these guys,’” he explained. “I’ve known J for years. You don’t really have to sit down and think about it. I know exactly where he’s coming from and he knows where I’m coming from. It’s a lot easier than a lot of projects, because it’s not like there’s too much thought put into this.”

Adding to the LP’s loose feel are laid-back guest appearances from Mark Lanegan and Robert Pollard, making the whole record feel like one long party. Which is maybe the point; as Mascis admitted at the end of Rolling Stone’s piece, “This whole thing is a practical joke”…