Stream Pelican’s New Live Album Artika

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.10.14 in News

Releasing your own live record is one thing, but Pelican took the DIY route one step further with Artika, enlisting their sound guy, Matt “Coach” Hannigan, to record one of the band’s Russia shows and then having guitarist Dallas Thomas mix the entire affair. The result is a crystal clear recording that captures the instru-metal outfit at the peak of their powers, riding a never-ending wave of cross-hatched chords and restless rhythms off into a figurative sunset.

“With the ever changing effect of technology on the music industry,” Dallas told Decibel, “I feel like bands are going to have to be more resourceful and creative with how they embrace technology and use it to their advantage if they are to survive. There are tons of resources out there and the equipment gets better and better and cheaper and cheaper to make tangible listenable recordings from makeshift environments, but you still have to put in the time and work for sure.”

Stream Artika in full below, right alongside shots of its various colored vinyl pressings (shipping in early August from this online shop) for our fellow collectors out there…

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