Stream the Incredible New Album from Tony Molina

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 03.18.14 in News

One of the acts I wanted to see in Austin last week but didn’t was Tony Molina, the Bay Area musician known for writing terrifically pithy, terrifically concise guitar-pop songs as a member of the (unjustly!) overlooked Ovens. He’s back with a record under his own name, but his penchant for brevity remains. With a dozen songs clocking in at a dozen minutes, Dissed & Dismissed wastes no time fiddling around with middle eights or repeated choruses. All the songs get in and get out, swaddled in guitar fuzz and boasting an impressive number of hooks — especially given its short run time. We’ve got a feature on Tony in the works. For the time being, get familiar with his skewed pop sensibility with a full stream of Dissed and Dismissed over at Pitchfork.