Stevie Nicks Reveals More ‘Gold’ with Ballad “Lady”

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 08.26.14 in News

24 Karat Gold – Songs from the Vault, songstress Stevie Nick’s eighth solo album, will be released in early October just as she begins Fleetwood Mac‘s On With the Show Tour. (Hello again, Christine McVie!)

The upcoming record revisits songs that Nicks wrote between the years of 1969-87, which she rediscovered while watching Fleetwood Mac bootlegs on YouTube.

The newest single “Lady” is a bittersweet ballad, much more melancholy than the album’s first single “The Dealer,” as it finds Nicks contemplating an uncertain future.

Considering that she wrote the song more than 30 years ago, it registers a special poignancy in its current incarnation. While we all wrestle with our general lack of control, these concerns change quite a bit as we grow older. The worries of a young woman experiencing an intense rush of stardom are no longer the anxieties of a classic rock icon, making the lyrical ruminations on time acquire a particular significance.

The solo work should also give us an additional perspective on the Fleetwood Mac catalog, as several songs were initially written for Tusk.

24 Karat Gold – Songs from the Vault will be released October 7 via Warner Bros. and a special deluxe vinyl edition is available September 30.

Tracklist for the album and the lyric video for “Lady” are below.

Deluxe Version
01. Starshine
02. If You Were My Love
03. Mabel Normand
04. Twisted (bonus track)
05. 24 Karat Gold
06. Belle Fleur
07. All The Beautiful Worlds
08. Lady
09. I Don’t Care
10. Watch Chain (bonus track)
11. Hard Advice
12. Carousel
13. Blue Water
14. Cathouse Blues
15. The Dealer
16. She Loves Him Still

Standard Edition
01. Starshine
02. The Dealer
03. Mabel Normand
04. Blue Water
05. Cathouse Blues
06. 24 Karat Gold
07. Hard Advice
08. Lady
09. I Don’t Care
10. All The Beautiful Worlds
11. Belle Fleur
12. If You Were My Love
13. Carousel
14. She Loves Him Still