Stevie Nicks Shines Anew on Lovelorn “24 Karat Gold”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 09.19.14 in News

Stevie Nicks has nothing to lose but her — well, the idea of chains has pretty significant associations for a Fleetwood Mac singer, right? On the British-American band’s blockbuster 1977 album Rumours, of course, “The Chain” was what would “keep us together,” though part of the appeal was that, famously, the lovers making the music were actively pulling their relationships apart. On October 7, Nicks will release 24 Karat Gold – Songs from the Vault, a new album revisiting unfinished material from 1969 to 1987; she previously shared the poignant piano plaint “Lady” and the uptempo, reflective first single “The Dealer.”

Now, via Parade, comes what’s basically the title track, “24 Karat Gold,” where the pure yellow metal refers to “chains, chains” (“Set me free, set me free,” she pleads). With an insistent groove and smoky lead guitar, it’s Nicks in vintage, songs-for-breakups form — the closing phrase is even “my love.” If “there were dreams to be sold,” as she recalls here, the market is still bustling: Nicks will head out with Fleetwood Mac for the On With the Show tour starting September 30, the same day Warner Bros. unleashes the deluxe vinyl edition of her new-old solo album.