Video Q&A: Our New eMusic Selects Band, EULA

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 09.18.12 in Spotlights

Maurice Narcisse


The Band: EULA
File Under: Raging, ruthless post-punk, right-angle rock and roll topped with sneering, siren-like vocals.
For Fans Of: PJ Harvey, X-Ray Spex, the Pop Group, Slug Guts, the Birthday Party, Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear
From: Brooklyn, NY
Personae: Alyse Lamb (vocals/guitar), Jeff Maleri (bass), Nate Rose (drums)

EULA doesn’t merely command your attention — they grab you by the throat, throw you across the room and leave you no option but to pay them heed. They are a tornado dressed up as a rock band, the fierce, lunging vocals of frontwoman Alyse Lamb divebombing again and again between thunderclaps of guitar.

Their songs are dirty and driving; the title track pitches fits like an ornery toddler, Lamb sneering and scowling over tarry bass guitar. You can hear hundreds of albums exploding at once — not just avowed influence PJ Harvey, but also X-Ray Spex and the Pop Group and Bikini Kill. Their background is just as fascinating: they met, of all places, in rural Connecticut. Each of the band members lived, essentially, on farmland, far away from the buzz and bustle of the city. But after meeting in art school, they felt an instant kinship, and began to work together to create lean, blinding post-punk. Get familiar with them in the video above, then download their debut, Maurice Narcisse — the latest addition to the eMusic Selects roster.