Introducing: eMusic Radio!

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 08.30.11 in Spotlights

We couldn’t be more excited to formally announce today the beta version of a new feature on our site: eMusic Radio. Some of you may have gotten a sneak peek of radio already, but consider this the official unveiling. I’ve been honored over the course of the last six years to work with some of the best writers and curators in the business, and as our catalog has grown, it’s provided incredible opportunity for them to aid in discovery through their great writing. With radio, we can take that to the next logical step – discovery by listening. Our first batch of programs runs the genre gamut, with the aim of helping you discover – to use a phrase I’ve used many times before – your next favorite artist.

Like moody classic soul? Try Hearts of Fire or Lost Soul. Like music from around the world? Tune in to DJ Sportcoat’s Global Grooves. If jazz is your bag, you might want to bend your ear toward either Fresh Jazz or Modern Big Band. And it goes without saying that we’ve got your indie rock station, along with Freshly Ripped radio, which is updated weekly to feature the best from our “Freshly Ripped” section. Got a particular editor you feel your tastes align most with? Tune into a personal station created by me or Andrew or Jayson or Laura or Maris.

Over the next few months, we’ll be going broader and deeper – we’ve invited artists, blogs and labels we love to curate programs of their own (you can listen to the first of these, one station built by the great Blue Note Records and another by Kill Rock Stars, today) and, eventually, we’ll be extending the same opportunity to you, the eMusic member. We hope you enjoy diving in and discovering using eMusic Radio!