Hunx Picks Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Sweetie

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 02.06.12 in Spotlights

“It may sound funny, but your love is here to stay,” Hunx sweetly sings on the opener of his forthcoming solo debut, Hairdresser Blues. The proudly gay garage rocker is known for outrageous live performances that pair his outsized, often literally-in-your-face persona with his lovelorn, girl-group-inspired tunes. He bared it all for a Girls video last year, released a fantastic compilation called Gay Singles, and regularly sings about his love life, be those memories heartwarming or heartbreaking. Who better, then, to provide eMusic’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide? We asked him for a few suggestions, and the results, unsurprisingly, were wonderful. “We got some secrets to tell each other. I know I got some secrets left in me,” he sings elsewhere on Hairdresser Blues, concluding, “I wanna get a private room!”

Perhaps some of these will come in handy the next time you cozy up with someone in a similarly closed-door scenario.

Unlimited tanning for a month

People think tanning is bad for you but, I don’t believe it. I’ve only been burnt badly a few times, and only once did someone tell me my tan looks like shit. It always turns into such a great tan. Laying down in a tanning bed is the ultimate tiny express vacation that will leave you totally rejuvenated and looking so young and fresh. For first time tanners, I’d avoid going for 20 minutes. Start with six or seven and work up to it. And for people who simply don’t tan: that can be great, but you have to have absolutely no tan. It’s all or nothing.

Peggy Noland clothing

Have you been to She makes clothes for adult babies and people in bands, like Lovefoxxx from CSS – and sometimes me, if I bug her and bribe her with enough candy. My favorite Peggy Noland outfit is this jumper with a giant musical note attached. If you give her LOTS of money she can make you a custom outfit. Anything in your dreams. I want to try to con her into doing giant cosmetics costumes for our next tour. [We asked Hunx what an "adult baby" was. His response? "Who doesn't know what an adult baby is?!" - ed.]

Kleenex/LiLiPUT 4-LP box set

There’s a really great box set of everything Kleenex/LiLiPUT ever did, and it comes with an awesome book of photos. I love Mika Miko and the Raincoats and the Petticoats, too, but Kleenex/ LiLiPUT were one of the greatest all-girl punk bands of all time. I highly recommend getting this. [Hunx told us the first time he ever heard this band was "in high school, at a party." Which means Hunx was getting invited to much better parties than we were in high school. - ed.]

Ru Paul’s Drag Race DVD box sets

This is my favorite show on TV right now. If you don’t like it, you’re an idiot. I especially loved the episode where the queens had to make a country commercial, and also the one when they were newscasters. I mean, every episode is so good. Impress the one you love and buy them every episode. So romantic. [Us: "So what would you say if you ever met RuPaul? Hunx: "U Better Work." - ed.]

Hunx Hairdresser Blues LP + Comb (out Feb. 28 via Hardly Art)

I started working as a hairdresser almost 10 years ago now. The fact that I’m still doing it shows that you don’t need to give anything up for music. If you pre-order my album from you get a limited edition Hairdresser Blues comb. It’s unbreakable! This is definitely the No. 1 album of the year, maybe even decade. Maybe even ever? It’s a little more personal than my older records, and a little more pop.