Spoon Launch Vinyl Gratification Program With Record Store Day

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.15.14 in News

Spoon have revealed more details about the special “Vinyl Gratification” rollout of their new They Want My Soul record. Starting today at 150 stateside brick-and-mortar stores, fans will be able to pre-order a 180g white vinyl pressing of the LP and receive an immediate limited edition 10” featuring three new songs, one of which hasn’t been leaked in any official form yet. Then on August 5, all you have to do is show your favorite shop that receipt to redeem the full record.

“A few weeks ago as we were figuring out how to roll out the new Spoon album,” Daniel explains on the band’s site, “I kept coming back to this: why do we incentivize people to buy our music from big outlets but we don’t extend the same courtesy to actual record stores? Case in point: why do we encourage listeners to buy early by offering ‘instant gratification’ tracks for pre-orders of the digital album, yet there’s no special motivation for buying music from Waterloo or Reckless Records? And there’s no incentive to buy the format that so many of those listeners prefer — an actual physical item they can hold and read and play on a turntable.”

In a separate interview with Salon earlier this week, Daniel added, “For several albums it’s bothered me – that you have to do these things for, they’ll remain nameless, but bigger sellers of albums, like give them exclusive tracks or give them bonus discs. They all want something to give them a leg up on whoever else is selling the record… And I feel like the record labels and the record stores themselves could stand a break and yet nobody’s giving it to them, and I don’t know, it just seemed like a cool spin on the idea of these instant gratification things that are such a big deal these days.”

Check out a fancy commercial for the program — a partnership with Record Store Day that may spread to international shops as well — below, along with all the songs Spoon has shared from the album thus far…

Spoon, 'Do You'

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