‘Spinal Tap’ Gets Special 30th Anniversary Screening at New York Film Festival

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.26.14 in News

Lincoln Center’s annual New York Film Festival has announced a special thirtieth anniversary screening of This Is Spinal Tap featuring writer/star Christopher Guest (see also: Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, Waiting For Guffman). The date and location of the event haven’t been revealed yet; all we know is everything is happening between September 26 and October 12, with general public tickets going on sale at noon on September 7.

The This Is Spinal Tap soundtrack finally got a proper vinyl reissue last year, leading to many “this album goes to 11″ jokes and a press release that claimed it is “the greatest record ever made by man…. as remastered by God himself.” The film’s director, Rob Reiner, was also given the Film Society’s prestigious Chaplin Award last spring, an honor that’s been given to such icons as Alfred Hitchcock, Sidney Poitier, Billy Federico Fellini, Barbra Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor and Martin Scorsese.

Speaking about his creative process, Reiner said much of his success stems from his experience as an actor himself. “Most of the movies I do are character-driven pieces,” he explained, “and so I know actors are going to inhabit those characters and I make sure there’s something they can [inhabit]. I’d never ask an actor to do something I couldn’t do — not that I’m the best actor in the world — but if I can do it then I know that anyone I hire can do these things.”

Watch the This Is Spinal Tap trailer below, along with a compilation of clips…