‘South Park’ Pulls Off Lorde Impression

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 10.02.14 in News

Lorde has become the latest musical act to find herself drawn into an episode of South Park. The show that twice trolled Kanye West and once brought on the actual members of Radiohead only to have them mock a boy who’d been tricked into eating his parents (long story!) made the Pure Heroine singer/songwriter a key plot point in last night’s episode.

“Gluten Free Ebola” was mostly about, well, dietary trends and pandemics, but somewhere along the way the gang promised a Lorde party at a huge party they had in the works. It didn’t exactly turn out as planned. Still, the Comedy Central series put together an amusing impression of her sparsely instrumented electro-pop, even if in terms of an actual Lorde appearance, well — the picture above probably gives away too much (like, spoiler, that’s not actually supposed to be Lorde). Maybe next time she’ll write a song about a Colorado Rockies player?

In other recent Ella Yelich-O’Connor news, this week she released her The Hunger Games song “Yellow Flicker Beat.” In other music-related South Park history, remember tween wave?

If you don’t mind any more spoilers, watch the Lorde-centered closing clip below (or here if the embed isn’t behaving). Or catch the full episode here.