Song Premiere: Wara From the NBHD’s Hard, Jagged “Scrilla”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 06.20.14 in News

Wara From the NBHD hails from Atlanta, lives in Brooklyn, and his smooth, menacing voice is a pure Queensbridge monotone. None of this helps you locate him, though: The only way to hear Wara is through the Neptunes. “Scrilla,” produced by Wara in advance of his debut Kidnapped, is both menacing and shiny, a mix of Korn-worthy down-tuned bass and low-end piano hits straight from N.E.R.D’s …In Search Of. In his lyrics, Wara underlines the point: “I closed my eyes, pressed play and nodded off to “Bobby James“, a secret-handshake reference to one of In Search Of’s most potent, beloved deep cuts. The hook recalls Missy’s “Beep beep! Who got the keys to the Jeep? Vroom.” The last time radio rap sounded like this, everyone was grinning at America through Hype Williams’ fish-eye lens. But Wara is not a bouncy or “fun” rapper, he’s kicking hard-as-concrete street tales here, and “Scrilla” is jagged and sharp to the touch as a peeled-off tuna can lid: