Song Premiere: Violet Vision, “Ire” (ft. Find the Others)

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 01.08.15 in News

Shay Raviv, better known as Violet Vision, has made a name for himself as a remixer (he’s worked with both Infected Mushroom and Korn’s Jonathan Davis) and for his television work (his songs have appeared in House of Lies and Eastwick), but “Ire” suggests a darkness and depth to his work heretofore unheard. It starts small, with just a walloping bass rhythm and eerily-twinkling synths, but it gets more ominous and shadowy as it progresses. Sharp static swings down like a sawblade, the electronics get icier and more dramatic, and the song begins to take on a horror-film feel — the last few seconds before the killer makes his appearance in the forest. Just when the tension is at its highest, everything recedes, leaving only a mournful piano, so far in the distance it’s more shadow than sound. “Ire” reflects Violet Vision’s mastery of dynamics and his ability to craft a brooding, moving song.