Song Premiere: Vagaband, “Gabrielle”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 01.29.15 in News

Norfolk, UK’s Vagaband have no time for “neo-folk.” Their giddy, jubilant music is straight-up, no-nonsense country music, full of darting fiddles, jittery tempos and hollered, back-porch vocals. You can hear all of that in the raucous, irresistible “Gabrielle”: a loop-de-loop violin circles a jug-band bassline, around a swooping pedal steel and right through the center of Jose McGill’s rich-as-oak vocals. It’s a roaring, four-minute hoedown, a love song disguised as a roof-raising, the kind of party that takes place at a country pub long after the rest of the town has gone to sleep, and the barkeep decides to bust out the good stuff.