Photo by Nina Hartmann

Song Premiere: The Ukiah Drag, “Final Prayer”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 08.26.14 in News

It only makes sense that a band that sounds as evil as the Ukiah Drag would do something as shamelessly twisted as record an album called In the Reaper’s Quarters in a Lutheran temple. Birthed from the swamps of the Florida punk scene, the trio have pulled themselves out of the mire and moved on to New England, where they’ve been pumping out exceptionally menacing psych-rock. “Final Prayer” is an 8-minute soundtrack to a Satanic sacrifice, with pulverizing wah-wah effects and dark organs that bruise with rage. The Ukiah Drag have successfully carved out a noise that borders on stoner metal but relies more heavily on garage-y post-punk. Though no one will find salvation on “Final Prayer,” it offers a perverted spiritual journey that’s worth the trip.

Check out the Ukiah Drag’s record release gig at St. Vitus in Brooklyn on September 11th with Crazy Spirit and Uniform!