Song Premiere: The Tins’ Punchy “If You Want To Navigate”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 07.23.14 in News

“If you want to navigate” is a power-pop number that feels headed for a community-theater musical revue. Equal parts Badfinger, The Shins and Sloan, the song shimmies through three or four big-handshake hooks, from the opening stop-start riff to the effusions of “Oooh-ahh” back-up harmonies to the delightfully cheesy harmonized guitar leads straight out of Steely Dan. Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Santillo sings in a slightly acerbic baritone that gives the sugar-sweet song a little briny bitterness. The Buffalo trio’s new EP Young Blame is out on Tuesday, July 29.