Song Premiere: Terrorista, “Darren Vs. Bag”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.03.14 in News

Combining the fast and frantic approach of hardcore with the fuzzed-out broke-four-track sound of classic indie, the Ontario band Terrorista creates music that is both scorched and breathless — bruised, barreling riffs battling it out with scraped-throat vocals. The band has only two members, Sam Hargrove on guitar and vocals and Rich Taylor on drums, and while that equation may call to mind fellow Canadian volume-hogs Japandroids, Terrorista are scrappier, more winningly ragged and raw. “Darren Vs. Bag,” which showcases the group in all their wild, raw power, is the first single from the group’s “purple tape,” the second in a series of cassette singles designed to be collected and played back-to-back (it was preceded by a pink tape, and green and blue tapes will follow in the coming months). Cassette is the perfect medium for Terrorista; its limited fidelity blunts the band’s volume and muddies the edges of each riff, making the final product feel that much more frantic and warped and feral.

Order Terrorista’s pink tape here.