Song Premiere: Sundials, “Stun Spore”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 09.22.14 in News

“For a second I forgot my name again/ Think I last had it in the hypnosis I left/ Completely brain deprived, motivation dry, another memory I haven’t kept,” singer/guitarist Harris Mendell bemoans on “Stun Spore,” the latest from Richmond, VA’s Sundials. It’s a song about an identity crisis, though it’s clear that the trio knows exactly who they are musically. Shooting off from classic, clear-cut pop-punk, Sundials meet somewhere between college rock and ‘90s emo. On their new single, Mendell’s woebegone lyrics fall in line with gurgling bass plucking, employing angular guitar hooks to fill the spaces between. As “Stun Spore” reaches its crescendo, shout-y gang vocals flood into the background, bringing it to a brief but satisfying solo that rounds out the track with each assured, note-bending screech.

Sundials’ new EP Kick is out November 4th on Topshelf Records. You can pre-order it right here.