Song Premiere: School ’94, “Like You”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.11.14 in News

At this point, Gothenburg, Sweden probably deserves to be institutionalized in rock history the same way Manchester, Memphis and New York as the birthplace for some of the most pop’s most indelible melodies. Add to a list that includes Ace of Base, the Knife, Little Dragon and, uh, Crazy Frog the quartet School ’94. They have the same uncanny knack for melody as all of those bands, but their music feels darker and more yearning. “Like You” is a gorgeous bit of dewy-eyed heartsick guitar pop. Alice Botéus Felix’s yearning, pleading voice tumbles into nets of silvery guitars, and and swoops back up again, startling and striking as a crow against a clear blue sky.