Song Premiere: Snasen, “Bell Tape” (Ruby Suns Rework)

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 12.03.14 in News

“Bell Tape,” as it appears on Snasen’s recently-released Grok EP is a dark, moody number full of bleak, churning synths and odd, far-off robotic pops and glitches. But the rework, at the hands of Ruby Suns, is another matter entirely. Opening with a synthetic fanfare, the song groans and heaves and sounds downright infernal before collapsing at the one-minute mark in a frenzy of synthetic scrapes and slashes. If the original is a warm bath, the rework is a long dip in piranha infested waters, long calm moments interrupted by sudden, toothy attacks. It finally pulls out of its frantic spiral, concluding with a frantic crescendo that sounds downright triumphant.

Snasen’s Grok EP is available now.