Song Premiere: RONiiA, “Fool’s Game”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.21.14 in News

On their surface, the moody folk band Dark Dark Dark and the eerie, percussive Marijuana Deathsquads don’t appear to have much in common. The former wrote stark, evocative hymns to the shadows, the latter dish out sun-warped synth-psych freakouts. So it’s a genuine pleasant surprise that the combined forces of DDD’s Nona Marie Invie, Deathsquads’ Mark McGee and Fletcher Barnhill of Joint Custody and FUGITIVE have produced something so beautiful and arresting. “Fool’s Game” is a chilling, spectral song, its background full of cold, blinking synths, its foreground a wide-open space across which Invie’s ghostly voice hovers and floats. The contrast between the two elements is striking — the synthetic clinking and clanking of the production providing a sharp contrast to Invie’s moody, otherworldly vocals. The end result is like a ghost story whispered late at night in the middle of an abandoned factory.