Photo by Heather Craig

Song Premiere: Rivergazer, “Lonely”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 07.29.14 in News

“Lonely,” from the New York band Rivergazer (led by Kevin Farrant of Porches.) opens like a haunted house mariachi. A single, wiry guitar line works its was slowly up the scale, jutting and darting at odd angles. When Farrant enters, it’s not to chase the dark away — it’s to add to it. “I am not afraid of anyone/ all I worry about it my own ego,” he croons. “So go kiss your best friend on the mouth/ it doesn’t make a difference anymore.” The song progresses from there, a melancholy lullaby full of eerie minor-key instrumentation and backing choirs that enter and vanish without warning. The net effect is absolutely hypnotizing. “All of my friends are all lonely,” Farrant laments midway through. The song is the perfect encapsulation of that rare, inconsolable sadness.

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