Song Premiere: Obituary, “Bloodsoaked”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.14.14 in News

In their interview with Jon Wiederhorn last month, Obituary’s John and Donald Tardy recall their earliest days as being touch-and-go, to say the least. Recalling one of their early recording sessions, John Tardy says, “One of the owners of the studio, Tom Morris, actually tried to turn us away from recording because he told us we weren’t good enough and he’d be stealing our money. That only made us want to do it more. But, looking back at the music we were doing, I would have done the same thing if I was in his shoes.” He’s being modest. Though their initial sessions as Xecutioner may have been learning experiences, the group shaped up quickly. Their 1989 debut Slowly We Rot demanded attention and mapped out the brutal, bone-breaking course the band would follow in the years to come. In the sessions for their recent, excellent Inked in Blood, the group revisited their roots and recorded a new version of the Rot classic “Bloodsoaked.” The new version is denser and doomier than the original, the wasp-buzz guitars replaced by pounding, bloody-hammer chords. Their cover of themselves achieves two potent ends: it’s a reminder of the band’s force in their early days, and an indication of the power they still retain.