Song Premiere: Literature’s Twinkling “The English Softhearts”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 07.16.14 in News

Indie-pop bands proliferate like kudzu, but really great indie-pop remains a scarce resource, in part because the virtues it depends on are always in drastically short supply: Wry understatement, a sense of grace, comic timing, and songwriting chops that don’t make a point of themselves. The Philly-based outfit Literature are a really great indie-pop band, and “The English Softhearts,” off of their forthcoming record Chorus (out Aug. 19 on Slumberland), is a wonderful song. A bright verse melody bubbles a few notes up the major scale like a coffee percolator, alternating with long, luxuriously sung long tones in the chorus. The billowing layers of the arrangements might remind you of the latest Pains release, and Attics pledges devotion with similar fervor. “You say I’ve got a lot to lose, and not too much to win,” he sings, waiting a beat before the kicker: “I think you know it’s true/I’d give it all up for you.”