Song Premiere: Jesse Marchant, “The Whip”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 09.08.14 in News

Formerly known as JBM, Jesse Marchant has a way of making coolly visceral folk that seems, on the surface, quite simple. But upon the second or third listen, his songwriting is weighty, steeped in the plaintive gravity of M. Ward circa Transfiguration of Vincent. With his upcoming self-titled LP comes “The Whip,” a shimmering track where Marchant’s rich baritone, fraught with wisdom and emotion, recalls a slightly less booming Bruce Springsteen ruggedness. Though the bleak story (“I felt the sun/ then I lost you/ and I never got it back”) told in “The Whip” is well-constructed, the song itself was birthed out of nonsense. “I had been playing around with the chords one morning and then a vocal melody came to me,” says Marchant. “I recorded myself singing it once through onto my phone, with words that were mostly gibberish, then took a walk to listen and jot down lines to serve as their replacement. It was the easiest song I ever wrote.” Jesse Marchant is out via No Other on September 9th!