Song Premiere: Jennifer Castle’s Dark, Dreamy “Nature”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 06.26.14 in News

“No family/ No universe/ No Holy god/ No Mother Earth,” sings Jennifer Castle calmly on “Nature,” the first taste from her upcoming Pink City (due September 2 on No Quarter Records). There is a shush of white noise behind Castle’s clear, untroubled voice — perhaps an air conditioner running in the background, or traffic from a distant window — and her fingers wander up and down a few sidling chords on the piano, the kind that arch between major and minor like a cat stretching its back. The Toronto singer-songwriter seems to quietly relish the darkness; there is a certain satisfaction in her voice when she notes, “Nature is happening without my goodwill,” and “Nature” has the feel of a slightly ominous lullabye. Or it would, if it didn’t end on such a casually perverse note: “I lift my skirt/ for the economy,” she sighs, before getting up, pulling the shades and walking out. Good night!