Song Premiere: Jen Wood, “Fell In Love”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 10.02.14 in News

Jen Wood’s “Fell In Love” sounds like straightforward piano pop, for a minute or two, right down to the title. Her strong, sterling voice rings out of the center of a few sturdy, echo-drenched chords. But then, chaos crowds the frame, detail by tiny detail: harmonized electric guitars fire off 32nd note runs, the rhythm section plays conflicting rhythms, and a fluid, spine-slipping groove overtakes the song. It grows steadily stranger and busier, with the guitars morphing into insectile synths, programmed by her collaborator Andy Meyers, who was influence by Game Boy and chiptune melodies. The result is a compellingly strange, strident song that plays like an anthem tripping over its own shoes.