Album Premiere: Husband, ‘The Money’

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 01.21.15 in News

Australia’s Michael Paolino, who records as Husband, writes the kind of songs that start slow and coiled but gradually gain scale and scope and ballast. You can hear it right out of the gate on his new album The Money (which will be released this Friday): “Caught” begins as an ambling folk ballad — the kind of thing that would have turned up on Harvest — but by the end, it’s big and booming, a mighty, roaring anthem. Paolino’s voice is rich and deep-set — comparison’s to the National’s Matt Berninger are inevitable, but there’s just as much Ryan Adams and David Eugene Edwards. Throughout, The Money is the kind of arresting statement of purpose that announces the arrival of an artist confident of their vision and sure of their future: “Invitation” is a country-nodding barroom bruiser with edges as black as scorched wood and “Understand” is an aching, weary ballad that recalls the best moments of the Killers, as filtered through Scud Mountain Boys. The Money is a bold, potent debut full of heart and brimming with passion.