Song Premiere: HOLY, “Demon’s Hand”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 01.26.15 in News

Give a cursory listen to the Swedish band HOLY — fronted by Swedish musician Hannes Ferm — and it would be hard to believe an early supported was Dennis Lyxzén of Refused. Unlike that band’s storm and stress, HOLY favor delightfully rickety guitars — the ones on “Demon’s Hand” sound as thin and brittle as a pinky bone — shuffling percussion and distant, dreamlike vocal melodies. If Refused is a tornado in a teacup, HOLY are a faint, crisp spring breeze. But what both bands have in common is a willingness to plot their own course. HOLY’s melodies and song structures may be sweet and immediate, but their aesthetic isn’t high-gloss pop so much as bedroom DIY. “Demon’s Hand” is charming and wisplike, Ferm’s voice practically levitating over the guitars. There are hints of Felt and the Field Mice, but HOLY deliver something darker and more mournful — a far-off elegy made of smoke and fog.

Stabs will be released on March 11 by PNKSLM and Ny Våg.