Song Premiere: Hawks’ Catchy, Messy “Robert DeNiro”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 06.23.14 in News

San Antonio six-piece Hawks make a happy mess of a punk-pop sound: Frank Weysos and Chuck holler the melodies, as subtle as a highway billboard, over finger-painted keyboard lines and joyously windmilled power chords, creating a brightly colored explosion that feels as indebted to twee-pop as punk. “Robert DeNiro,” the first single from the upcoming sophomore effort What Team Am I On?, is a big dumb grin of a song, complete with middle-school-poetry lyrics that hit like a kid brother jabbing your arm: “I didn’t see no doctor, and I/ I didn’t finish school even though that I know/ You gotta finish school, if you wanna have/ A really good life, with kids and a wife.”