Album Premiere: Halasan Bazar & Tara King th., ’8′

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 10.07.14 in News

Danish group Halasan Bazar & Tara King th. have delivered a record long on spaced-out sci-fi sonics and a dense, dreamlike mood. The vocals are complement one another — his are low and despondent, hers a baleful, swooping alto. Together, they sound like two people answering a question with another question, creating a strange, foreboding atmosphere. Think the Fresh & Onlys in a particularly downcast mood. All of that is augmented with music that is moody and moving, odd synth squiggles, dense bands of organ and pealing guitars making it sound like the score for some interplanetary western. It’s utterly hypnotizing — psych with a sense of the surreal.