Photo by Shaughn Crawford

Song Premiere: Green Gerry, “Mumbo Jumbo”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 08.28.14 in News

Drawing from the modern freak-folk approach of pros like Akron/Family, singer-songwriter Gerry Green (AKA Green Gerry) started carving his own spot on the indie scene in 2010. The LA-born multi-instrumentalist moved to Athens, Georgia to create his first record, but soon returned to his hometown where Green’s more polished sophomore effort King Baby hit the proverbial stands. Now Mom + Pop imprint Mermaid Avenue is releasing Green Gerry’s digi-single and “Mumbo Jumbo” oozes with ‘60s British psych-pop grease. Green is a charismatic frontman who’s able to draw you in with experimental usage of tambourines, piano, and rhythm guitars that each patiently take turns in the spotlight. Until about three minutes in that is, when Green weaves in a semi-distorted guitar chord progression as the track’s crescendo reaches its peak.