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Song Premiere: Dasher, “Soviet”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 08.29.14 in News

Suicide Squeeze is a label that’s all about quality control and Dasher is no exception to the rule. They’re releasing the Atlanta trio’s upcoming 7-inch, which contains the fiery, buzzsawing cut “Soviet.” Kylee Kimbrough’s androgynous pipes surge through the track the way Joan Jett’s would if she’d listened to more hardcore. “I ain’t got no motivation/ to change my situation,” Kimbrough declares with defiance (a lyric that could’ve been written by Ms. Jett) before eventually giving way to a frenetic chant of the song’s title. Wire-inspired riffs claw their way into perhaps the most entrancing part of “Soviet,” the winding, noisy turbulence of a breakdown punctuated by Kimbrough’s primal yelp.

Dasher’s 7″ is out October 14th via Suicide Squeeze!