Song Premiere: Benyoro, “Haidara Sirifo”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 07.07.14 in News

You can hear vague traces of a host of different African musical styles in the music of Mali/New York combo Benyoro; there’s the skipping guitars of highlife, the giddy, soca-like rhythms of palmwine and the lively, bounding vocals common to soukous. ““Haidara Sirifo,” from their forthcoming self-titled record (out tomorrow), is the perfect entry point into the group’s vibrant sound. Full of never-ending rhythms and light, rolling guitars, the song opens as a dance number, disappears into a riveting, jazz-like detour, and rings out loud and triumphant in its final moments. It is bright, buoyant and inspired.