Song Premiere: The Barreracudas, “Promises, Promises”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 10.17.14 in News

The Barreracudas are an Atlanta five-piece that make trashy power-pop that’s a little silly, a little snarky and a lot of a good time. Boasting members of Beat Beat Beat, the Hiss and Gentleman Jesse & His Men, the band is releasing a 7-inch that features rock ‘n’ roll earworm “Promises, Promises.” Mid-tempo drum fills jostle against flickering, energy-packed chord progressions, the jangling combination of which results in an instantly likable, easily danceable track. The Barreracudas marry ‘70s glam a la the New York Dolls with the greasy charm of modern garage rockers like Nobunny, but are at their best when they don’t take themselves too seriously (“I got a pocket full of quarters now/ And I’m your Donkey Kong”).

Promises is out October 28th on Oops Baby Records.