Top of the Morning: Solange Knowles Marries Alan Ferguson, Mac DeMarco Detained by the Police and More

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 11.17.14 in News

Greetings! Top of the Morning is your daily AM news round-up. We paid attention over the weekend and gathered relevant tidbits to share over that first cup of coffee.

Unless you somehow managed to avoid Twitter for the entire weekend, then you know Solange Knowles got married to her longtime boyfriend, director Alan Ferguson, in New Orleans. Everyone in attendance was required to wear white and it was magical. Knowles wore a dress by Humberto Leon for Kenzo in the official wedding portraits.

But she rocked a ’70s-style one-piece and cape by Stephane Rolland to ride bikes to ceremony.

The Carters were looking pretty good themselves, especially Blue Ivy.

And Beyoncé and Solange’s mother Tina Knowles reminded everyone where her daughters got their looks and style.

Congratulations to the couple.

Although Jimmy Fallon asked viewers to send their photos in to The Tonight Show so they could be used in a U2 performance, it looks like the band’s week-long residency will be delayed. In a statement on their website, U2 said:

It looks like we will have to do our Tonight Show residency another time – we’re one man down. Bono has injured his arm in a cycling spill in Central Park and requires some surgery to repair it. We’re sure he’ll make a full recovery soon, so we’ll be back! Much thanks to Jimmy Fallon and everyone at the show for their understanding.

It’s starting to seem as if Songs of Innocence has been a bit cursed for the band. We wish Bono a speedy recovery.

Mac DeMarco had a show at the University of California – Santa Barbara on Friday night and ran into a little trouble with the fuzz. Apparently there was a heavy police presence, believed to be an attempt to catch those pesky college students smoking marijuana, and they detained the singer as well. According to the Santa Barbara Independent:

The show went on, but was interrupted again after UCSB police officers detained DeMarco for sitting up in the railings. DeMarco was propped up to the beams by attendees after he surfed the crowd. He climbed to the second floor of the venue and walked down the stairs back to the stage where police officers detained him. According to Signa, it wasn’t until the police officers spoke to DeMarco outside that they realized he was the lead singer.

Considering Santa Barbara is a town where you can get a $200 fine for jaywalking, this doesn’t seem all that surprising. DeMarco didn’t seem particularly rattled by the incident. He later thanked the police for a good time via Instagram.

Meanwhile on Saturday in Los Angeles, Chance the Rapper performed as part of Red Bull Sound Select 30 Days in L.A. at the House of Blues Sunset Strip. During his set, Chance asked the crowd, “Are you having a good time? If you’re not having a good time then I don’t fuck with you.” Then he brought out Big Sean to play “IDFWU” and the whole audience sang along (check out our photos from the show here).

Ariel Pink can’t seem to stop the controversial comments from spilling out of his mouth. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Pink addressed the claims that he had previously made about working with Madonna and stated:

What an amazing promotional campaign this is. I was only repeating what Interscope told me about why they needed me. They’re not my opinions. It’s clickbait journalism. The media lies to us all the time, and we always believe the media. Then Grimes – who’s completely stupid and retarded to believe any of it – jumps in and has her two cents. I’m not a misogynist. Maybe she’s angry that I’m the male version of her, who was at 4AD before her.

He is, of course, referring to Grimes’s response on Twitter.

Because we all know that the perfect way to prove you’re not a misogynist is to refer to a young woman as “stupid and retarded.” Sadly, this type of attention only renders Pink’s desired result; it serves as a reminder that he is releasing an album this week and it keeps him in the limelight.

On a lighter note, now we know the music in Steve Carrell’s head is Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Happy Monday.